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National plastics distribution company, Ariel Plastics, offers the widest choice of roofing sheet, rooflights and roofing accessories available in the UK. The product portfolio includes extensive Roofing Sheet options in Polycarbonate, PVC, GRP and Bitumen sheet and Accessories; Flat Glazing; Dome Rooflights; Roof Drainage and Ventilation; and Cladding for commercial and residential construction projects. Ariel’s nationwide logistics operation, national sales team and dedicated customer support ensures that merchants throughout the UK receive the highest quality service, product and technical support.

Roofing Sheet

Extensive options in rooflight sheet including polycarbonate, PVC, and GRP; bituminous roofing sheet and shingles;

Glazing Sheet

Polycarbonate, Acrylic and styrene glazing sheets for both internal and external use.


With a range of sizes, shapes, glazing, ventilation and opening options, Mardome rooflights can be configured to satisfy every budget and requirement.

Roof Ventilation and Drainage

Complete roof ventilation and drainage solutions including Corovent roof tile, eaves and ridge ventilation, Corodrain GRP valley troughs and roofing membranes. Dry fix hip, ridge and verge systems are also available.


A range of cladding products ideal for a wide variety of both internal and external panelling and cladding applications, together with a range of options and accessories available.

Flat Protective Sheet

A lightweight and extremely strong polypropylene material for the protection of surfaces, fixtures and fittings during construction, building and refurbishment work.

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