Coroverge Universal Dry Verge System

Starter Piece

Coroverge Starter Piece

The Coroverge Starter Piece is available in a range of colours including Anthracite Grey, Brown and Terracotta. A 'True Line' guide ensures the Starter Piece is correctly lined up with tiles guaranteeing perfect alignment on the roof and a 'Cut Out' area provides for flexibility to work around existing gutters.


  • Easy installation - the 'True Line' Guide ensures perfect alignment with roof tiles on the roof and 'Cut Out' area provides flexibility to work around existing gutters
  • Selection of colours 
  • Lightweight 
  • Hardwearing and durable

ideal for

  • House roof verge
  • Garage roof verge
  • Porch roof verge


Refer to Coroverge installation guide for further instructions

Installation Guidelines

The standard installation procedure should be used for new builds; for retrofitting the Coroverge System or for high wind load installations the installer should complete the additional installation tips at the end of this document.

  1. Preparation Install the batten clips onto the end of each tile batten.a) Place the batten clip over the end of the tile batten so that the slot sits in the centre of the batten.b) Fix the clip in place by nailing 2 x 20mm length x 2.65mm diameter nails through the holes on the top of the clip into the tile batten.
  2. Starter Piece a) Place the Starter Piece into the Verge Section and slide into the ‘locked position’. b) Remove the ‘True-Line’ guide which will not be used depending on which side of the roof where installation is taking place.
  3. Fitting the first Verge Section Fit the Starter and Verge combination onto the first tile. If the gutter prevents the Starter Piece from sitting in the correct place, cut down the pre-marked cut lines to remove the face of the Starter Piece, always cut away from the body and wear appropriate PPE. Using the ‘True-Line’ guide screw the Starter Piece into position (small temporary screws should be used). Slide the Verge Section off the tile leaving the Starter Piece in place.Using 2 x Pozi Round Head 20mm length x 3.5mm diameter screws mount the Starter Piece to the fascia (it may be necessary to add a packer between the Starter Piece and the fascia if the tile overhang exceeds 52mm). Remove both the temporary screws and discard the ‘True-Line’ guide by bending it upwards until the snap-off feature breaks. Place the Verge Section back onto the Starter Piece and slide into the locked position. Using a 60mm nail, nail the Verge Section into the tile batten. This is achieved by nailing through the Verge Section fixing holes, through the batten clip slot and into the tile batten.
  4. Fitting the remaining Verge Sections Open the flexible tabs at the end of the next Verge Section to allow it to fit over the previously installed Verge Section (the tabs should be first bent inwards and then flexed open). Position the next Verge Section to line up with the end of the next tile. Ensure that the ‘True Connect locators’ fit into the ‘True Mount’ of the preceding Verge Section. Adjust the flexible tabs to close off any gap between the Verge Sections. Repeat until Verge Sections reach the ridge tile.
  5. Fitting the Ridge Cap Once both sides of the roof are complete place the Ridge Cap over the ridge tile so that it sits between the 2 verges. The flexible tabs on the ridge cap will allow it to fit with the Verge Sections installed at a number of different angles. Using the 2 x 80mm pan head screws provided, select 2 appropriate fixing holes on the ridge cap, screw through the ridge cap and into the fascia board. 


Retro Fitted Installations

If the roof has a mortar bedded verge, first remove the existing mortar. Inspect the tile battens for signs of rot or damage and if necessary they should bereplaced, extended or repaired. If only the ends of the tile battens are damaged it may be possible to replace the end of the tile batten by securely fixing a short length of replacement batten to the existing batten. Once any necessary repair work has been completed on the tile battens the standard installation procedure can be followed. 


  • Ridge Cap Angle

    Ridge Cap Angled

    Angle Ridge Cap for use with Coroverge Universal Dry Verge System

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  • Ridge Cap Round

    Ridge Cap Half Round

    Half Round Ridge Cap for installation with Coroverge Universal Dry Verge System

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  • Verge


    Verge Section for installation with Coroverge Universal Dry Verge System

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