PVC Cladding Range

Ariel Cladding F Section External Corner

F Section External Corner

The F Section External Corner is used when installing PVC cladding to give the corners a nice, smooth finish.


  • White PVC finish
  • Length: 2440mm   
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to install


ideal for

  • Out houses
  • Garages
  • Screens
  • Partitions
  • Changing rooms
  • Animal housing



Cladding Sheet Guidance

Cladding Sheet Dimensions

Dimensions (mm) 610 x 1220  1220 x 1220  1220 x 2440 
Standard Matt Cladding (Foam PVC) in 3mm
Premium Gloss Cladding (Gloss Foam PVC) in 3mm
Premium Satin Cladding (Solid PVC) in 2.25mm    

The Ariel PVC Cladding range offers solid PVC and foam PVC cladding sheet, both a versatile material with a high strength to weight ratio that can be easily worked with, using the standard tools used for plastics, wood and metal.

It may be thermoformed to fit in and around corners, though accessories for internal and external corners are available to use as well. The smooth, yet hardwearing surface is easy to clean using non-abrasive cleaning agents.


The recommended adhesive for installing PVC Cladding sheet is polyurethane (PU) as it can set in high moisture conditions and has a work time of approximately 45 minutes (temperature dependant) before it cures, allowing time to adjust the panels. Alternatively modified silicon (MS) can be used. If in doubt, it is recommended to test a small part before starting with the installation.


A full range of cladding profile accessories is available to achieve the required finish when installing the PVC cladding range. Full details are available in the Accessories section.


Ariel PVC Cladding sheets are light in weight and easy to install over different substrates. It is essential to maintain consistency of appearance when fitting the panels. This is best achieved when:

  • Ideally, on any project only sheets from the same production batch are used
  • Otherwise never mix sheets from different batches on the same wall
  • Use sheets in the same orientation throughout

As a guide the text on branded protective film should always be the same way up. Where the protective film is unprinted, the same end of every sheet on a pallet or bundle should be fitted at floor level.

Checklist before installing:

  • Store panels at least 24 hours in similar temperatures to destination room temperature
  • Always store panels flat off the ground to avoid condensation
  • Ensure walls are smooth and level
  • Walls must be dry, clean and free from dust any leftover substances to avoid failure of adhesive bond
  • Windows, door frames, power points, electrical switches, plumbing pipework etc must be in place
  • Never install panels near hot areas to avoid distortion of the sheet

Please contact our Technical Department who will be happy to advise on installation instructions for the PVC Cladding range.

Remove protective film after installation and use anti-static cleaner or warm soapy water to clean the surface. DO NOT use glass cleaner, abrasives or squeegees; always use soft cloths or antistatic wipes to wipe down dust.


  • H Section Division Bar for Ariel PVC Cladding range

    H Section Division Bar

    PVC H Section Division Bar for joining cladding panels

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  • H Section Division Base for Ariel PVC Cladding range

    H Section Division Base

    H Section Division Base for use as wall fixed back to mount panels on each side

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  • H Section Division Top Cap for Ariel PVC Cladding range

    H Section Division Top Cap

    H Section Division Top Cap for clipping on H Section Division Base to prevent dirt build up

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  • Inside Corner small for Ariel PVC Cladding range

    Inside Corner Small

    PVC H Section Inside Corner for creating a one piece cove for panels ending at an internal corner

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  • J Section Capping Strip for Ariel PVC cladding range

    J Section Capping Strip

    J Section Capping Strip for creating a professional and clean finish at panel edges

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