Corodrain Roof Gutters

The Corodrain Roof Gutter range includes Joining Gutters, lipped and unlipped Abutment Soakers, Dry Fix Joining Gutters in 2 profile options and Universal Slate Starter Strip.  Manufactured from tough an weatherable GRP, Corodrain Roof Gutters are an economic and durable alternative to lead.  Preformed, they are quicker and easier to install on site.  

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  • Use for Joining any combination of slates, double lap or interlocking tiles

    Joining Gutter

    Provides a waterproof seal between the adjacent roofs of terraced houses or where a new roof needs …

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  • Use for Weathering between a pitched roof and vertical wall abutment

    Abutment Soaker

    Available lipped for fixing directly into the wall or unlipped for use with a separate flashing band

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  • Use for Creating a waterproof joint between two different roof coverings on tiled pitched roofs

    Dry Fix Joining Gutter

    Two profile options are available with central upstands at 100mm and 70mm.

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  • Use for Creating an effective water barrier for the first course of slates

    Universal Slate Starter Strip

    GRP starter strip is a cost effective alternative to lead

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Why Corodrain Roof Gutters

  • Manufactured in GRP a durable and economic alternative to lead
  • More resistant to damage and theft
  • Maintenance free
  • UV light and acid rain resistant
  • Smooth finish inhibits growth of moss or build up of debris
  • Conform to NFRC Technical Bulletin 28
  • Largest range of lengths available



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