Corovent Eaves Ventilation

Eaves Fascia Trays

Eaves Fascia Trays FT60/FT150

Corovent Eaves Fascia Trays were developed to provide a neat membrane finish preventing puddling and the risk of felt rotting. These lightweight, rigid trays support the lower edge of the underlay allowing it to be cut back short of the gutter.


  • Simple on site handling
  • Suitable for use with all slates and tiles
  • Quick and easy to install

ideal for

  • domestic roofing projects 


Full installation details are available on request from the Technical Department.


1.Position the fascia tray on top of the fascia board and nail in place.
2.Adjacent trays are designed to lap over each other easily forming a continuous run.
3.The Corovent fascia tray should sit on top of the Corovent over fascia vent iffitted and the two may be fixed in place simultaneously.
4.Corovent comb fillers may also be fixed in place at the same time.


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