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Universal Slate Vent

Universal Slate Vent UNI/SLATE

The Corovent Universal Slate Vent is a discreet and cost-effective vent suitable for the majority of slate roofs. 


  • Universal slate vent designed to be used with natural slates
  • Grille and back box style vent incorporates a round felt sleeve to penetrate felt
  • Provides 8000mm2 of ventilation

ideal for

  • Slate Roofs 


Full installation details are available on request from the Technical Department.

Universal Slate Vent Technical Data

Slate Vent Ventilation Area Roof Pitches Spacing to give continuous ventilation
 Unislate 8 000mm2 Over 20°

5mm at 1.6m spacing

10mm at 800mm spacing

Installation: Cowl or Roofline Vents for Slate Roof

  1. Complete roofing to one course below the position for the slate vent.
  2. Hold vent in position as centrally as possible between the rafters and mark where the vent spigot touches the underlay. For 500mm x 250mm slates only - cut and remove section of batten.
  3. Cut underlay in a cross, fold up and back, nail over battens.
  4. Cut slates for next course below vent. 
  5. Fit slate vent and nail to batten.
  6. Cut slates for next course (not for 600mm x 300mm roofline vents).


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