Corovent Rafter Trays

Flyscreen Rafter Trays

Flyscreen Rafter Trays RF60/RF40

Corovent Flyscreen Rafter Trays are designed to act as a combined eaves ventilator, insect screen and rafter tray for open eaves situations. They feature an integral insect grill and maintains over 10mm of continuous ventilation while ensuring a 25mm gap between the insulation and the underfelt. 


  • Available to fit 3 rafter spacings
  • 10mm continuous ventilation
  • Fit above wall plate

ideal for

  • Roofing projects 


Full installation details are available on request from the Technical Department.

Corovent Eaves Ventilation Quick Reference Table: Flyscreen Rafter Trays

Product Code  RF60 RF45 RF40
Rafters  600mm 450mm 400mm
Air Gap  10mm 10mm 10mm


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