Corovent Ridgeline Vents


Ridgeline Vent TV3SN

The Corovent TV3SN Ridgeline Vent incorporates an extensive sleeve and a pipe terminal that can provide either 110mm or 125mm connections.


  • Strong & secure
  • Attractive finish
  • Simple to install - no need to cut
  • Tile matching service available

ideal for

  • Heritage Projects
  • Conservation Projects


Full installation details are available on request from the Technical Department.

Installation: Ridge Vent

  1. Hold ridge vent in position and mark the underfelt directly below the ridge vent outlet. Cut and remove the underlay as marked. 
  2. Bed ridge vents in mortar in a similar manner to the standard ridges. Nail the retaining straps to rafters/ridge board.
  3. Complete ridge in normal manner.

If using pipe adaptor, clip felt sleeve and attach CTIC flexitube, after fitting into roof. 



  • Narrow Extension Sleeve

    To be used in conjunction with other Corovent Roof Ventilation products

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  • 110mm Pipe Adaptor

    Adaptor offers a 110mm dia. outlet as standard

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